Tips for eating at Lamplight Lounge in DCA!

One sunny Saturday we excitedly headed into Disney’s California Adventure.  We had a list of our usual rides and fast passes to get through. But then the heat and the wait for rides really bummed us out. What were we to do?  The times for the rides jumped up as people realized that the system wouldn’t be back online any soon.  I headed over to the newly opened Lamplight Lounge to check it out and put our names down on the waitlist.  Here is our experience and some tips for eating at Lamplight Lounge!

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Tips for Lamplight Lounge

When I arrived at the restaurant, there were two lines formed outside.  The line closest to the coaster is actually the line with the limited menu.  It’s first come first serve and you only have appetizers and drinks to order in this portion of the restaurant.  The line closer to Ariel’s ride is the line for a full-service meal. 

I waited in line until a cast member took down my info.  She let me know that I didn’t have to remain in line.  We would be contacted when our table was ready,   We wandered around for about 20 minutes before our table was ready. 

The cast member told me that I should get two text messages, one saying that my table is ready and a second reminder.  We only received one text message. 

We were able to check out the restaurant and the decor is so fun!  There are Pixar memorabilia and sketches and I’m not sure if it was because the lounge had just opened but it had such a chill vibe!  We were led to our table which was actually a shared high-top table that had several people at it.  

Note: if you take the first available, you may be put at the high-top table area which isn’t the best for kids as we later found out (my 7-year-old nearly fell off her chair and I dropped my phone.)  If you have the time to wait, request a table near the water!

The drinks were good, the food was tasty and our server Journelle was on point.  A meal for 4 people plus drinks was about $80 so budget accordingly if you are looking to splurge on the meal. 

The kids got plain hamburgers that came with hummus and pickles.  The lobster nachos were gone quickly, it’s one of our favorite dishes in DCA

Update: Lamplight Lounge has changed the lobster nachos and the change is not for the better. The lobster is a wet mash and the portions are so much smaller. Try the barbacoa nachos instead!

We finished our meal with the donuts that come with two dipping sauces.  It is hands down one of my favorite desserts that Parks have ever offered.  Fresh, fluffy with just the right amount of sugar, do not miss out on this dessert!

Tips for Eating at Lamplight Lounge!

1.  Make sure the cast member takes down your phone number.  The first text means you can check in.  The second text means that your table is actually ready.

2.  Order the donuts.  Seriously just do it.

3.  Try a fun cocktail. 

4.  Ask to sit near the water on the downstairs patio.  The tables are surrounded by huge sofa chairs.  Makes for a cozy and comfortable meal!

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Brunch at Lamplight Lounge

Lamplight Lounge in Disney’s California Adventure offers a vibrant brunch that’s become quite popular. Reservations are highly recommended, especially for patio seating with views of Pixar Pier and Paradise Bay.

Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance online or by phone.

Brunch is served on Fridays- Sundays from 9am to 1pm. This provides a nice option between the early morning crowds and the late afternoon rush at the park.

Expect to spend around $30-$45 per person when you factor in an entree, drink, and appetizer. Entrees range from $15-$22 for items like chilaquiles and breakfast burgers. Their specialty brunch cocktails average around $13-$16.

To make the most of your Lamplight Lounge brunch, arrive 15 minutes early for patio or window seating. Make reservations for later in the brunch period if arriving without one to avoid long waits. Lamplight’s Brunch is a memorable experience that’s worth planning for on your Disneyland trip.

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