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It’s always exciting when Disneyland debuts a new ride, experience or character.  Earlier this year they revamped the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, eliminating the wife auction.  They also debuted Redd the Pirate who oversees the loot auction.  She can also be found holding court in New Orleans Square.  Here are some tips for finding and interacting with Redd the Pirate at Disneyland!

Who is Redd?

Red is a new character that can be spotted in the Pirates of the Caribbean auction scene.  She sails the Caribbean and is always on the lookout for places to plunder.  Disneyland recently added her to the character interaction list. 

Disneyland Redd the Pirate speaking with a young guest

Where can Redd be found?

I asked a Disneyland cast member where we could find her and was told that she hangs out by the water.  Sure enough, we found her there recruiting wannabe pirates for her crew!  Redd the Pirate is often found outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, near the water, or in New Orleans Square. 

Redd the Pirate is such a fun fierce and independent character.  She often reminds guests to tell her if they’ve seen Jack Sparrow- apparently, he owes her a ship.  My child told us Redd whispered to her that she could turn into a mermaid and dive into the water to get a hidden treasure.  She also asked my child to share it with her!

Redd took the time to have a full-on conversation with guests which means the line might go slow but it’s worth the wait!

Tips for interacting with Redd:

1.  Ask her where the treasure is

2.  Ask why she is looking for Jack Sparrow

3.  Show her your pirate stance

4.  Ask if you can join her crew

Have you met Redd yet?  Please share any tips for finding and interacting with Redd the Pirate at Disneyland in the comments!

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