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5 Tips for Finding and Collecting Rae Dunn


I’ve gotten a ton of messages on Instagram regarding collecting Rae Dunn pieces so I wanted to create a post with some helpful tips considering I’ve been collecting for a while. Rae Dunn is an artist who designs and creates pottery.  Many of her designs are distributed by Magenta which makes the pieces in China.  As a minimalist, I only collect the items I absolutely love. Here are five tips for finding and collecting Rae Dunn pieces!

finding and collecting Rae Dunn

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Tips for Finding and Collecting Rae Dunn

1. Join local Facebook groups

Joining local Facebook groups is where I’ve had the best luck at finding hard-to-find Rae Dunn pieces. If you are on Facebook, search “your area” + Rae Dunn and see if there are any local Buy Sell Trade groups. Reach other to other collectors and let them know what you are looking for and in turn, keep an eye out for the pieces they want.

With the extreme popularity of the brand, it’s really helpful to have a group of people looking out for each other.

2. Visit stores at random times

Rae Dunn items can be found at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls. I’ve heard that the key to finding stuff is to go before opening but who has time for that!? I go at random times during the week and I don’t know if it’s just my area, but I’ve found stuff around lunchtime that just came off the cart.

It doesn’t hurt to ask employees when shelves are typically stocked, just make sure to be kind to them!

Rae Dunn also began selling housewares in Hobby Lobby!  I’ve seen signs and Christmas pillows in stock and they range from $29-39!

3. Hit the thrift stores!

I’ve found some really great items at the thrift shops like Goodwill. I was walking by randomly looking for kids’ books and spotted this gorgeous Boutique cookie that was missing the lid.

I was able to sell the piece to a collector that had been searching for a long time and who managed to find a lid that matched it! I’ve seen older Christmas canisters and the bloom line at various Goodwill locations in my area.

cookies rae dunn

4. Buy RAE DUNN online!

Do you know that Rae Dunn has a boutique line that is available at Wayfair? These pieces are priced higher than the large letter items that are found at TJ MAXX and Marshalls but they are just as lovely.  

The websites are often in stock whereas the brick-and-mortar stores can be hit or miss with the number of items.  Amazon also has resellers that sell the boutique line.  Often these prices are a lot higher than in-store so do price research before purchasing.

I would also encourage collectors to check out Mercari, Depop, and eBay for Rae Dunn items.  Be sure to research who you buy from.  Stick with sellers that have good ratings for packaging and item descriptions. 

Get $10 off your first Mercari purchase using my link!

Find Rae Dunn at TJ Maxx!

Recently TJMAXX has opened up their online site.  They have several Rae Dunn items for sale and they can be shipped directly to your home.  Check out the line here!

Sierra is also a new retailer selling Rae Dunn online!


These are the HARDEST items to find and that’s because they are highly collectible items. TJMAXX has a good selection of Halloween items!

I also have an entire Rae Dunn Halloween post offering tips on finding hard-to-find items.

5. Support Rae Dunn’s Etsy Shop

Rae Dunn has an Etsy shop where she sells handmade pieces. Some of these pieces are totally unique.  I think it’s important to remember that the designs are created by an actual artist and the best way to support them is to purchase from them directly!

Rae Dunn often holds book signings out of her studio in Berkeley where pieces are also for sale.

collecting finding Rae Dunn


Remember, be kind, and partner up with other collectors.  I’ve been reading about some serious ugliness that is going on with finding and collecting Rae Dunn.  It’s so important to remember it’s just pieces of pottery!


Where is the best place to buy Rae Dunn?

Hunt for it yourself at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or HomeGoods to get the most reasonably priced pieces.

How to Clean Rae Dunn Items?

Hand washing is best but I’ve put several sturdy pieces in the dishwasher.

Does Rae Dunn have a shop?

Rae Dunn only has an etsy shop but no stand-alone store.

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  1. I have been collecting for quite some time now. I fell in love with her stuff right away. I did not see much of it in my area (Niagara Falls Canada) only a little here and there so I did most of my shopping stateside. All of a sudden with COVID, people starting going crazy for her stuff and we started to get a bit more of it once the stores opened back up. In my area especially, there are quite a few ladies that go before opening and grab everything and I am not kidding..EVERYTHING and then within 25 mins the items are online for almost triple the price. It makes me so angry because they are not buying for the love of it…they are trying to extort the people that do. Anyways the reason for my comment is…I was wondering if you have any tips for someone who buys online at TJMaxx or Marshalls or Sierra? I have a cottage in Lewiston NY which I have decorated with Rae Dunn so I can ship there and often do but I find the website has the same problem I am having here. I heard that they usually post new items around 8 minutes after the hour but I have never had any luck. I will see the new items but they are always sold out before I have a chance to buy 1. Any tips for buying online would be greatly appreciated. XOXO keep up the good work!

  2. Januce kane says:

    I’m specifically looking for a white GIGI aluminum beverage cup

  3. I just started Xmas shopping … my daughter loves Rae Dunn so I looked on Offer Up and found a lot of new items. I didn’t realize Rae Dunn has become so popular.

  4. Travis Bailey says:

    I have a friend who has been collecting and her son accidentally broke a piece…I have search with no luck of replacing…it was a 3 piece planter set with tray…the pots said “best mom ever”. Is this an actual piece or knock off? Where else can I look? Thank you

    1. I believe this was part of the line. Try depop or mercari- set up a search so that if one is listed you are notified. Good luck!!

  5. Shannon Blackwell says:

    I live in South Carolina and just started collecting this past Halloween season. So just under a year now, but I have also seen and discovered the dark side of collecting Dunn. I’ve also heard she is disgusted with those that swipe shelves and update her products for profit. I also believe that is why her stuff has increased over the months. I’ve have been told by expert collectors that there’s a huge issue with employees that collect or resale claiming or hiding pieces so they can purchase when off the clock. I know this is a huge no no for employees to do but seems to still happen. I hate to see such ugliness with such a beautiful line. This could just happen in my area of the country but maybe not. I’ve also found that around lunch is a good time to go and even if pieces are still on the carts employees don’t mind you looking and taking pieces off cart. I always ask really nicely if they care if I look though just so I don’t feel like I’m being rude. Best of luck with your hunting g. Also the websites post new stuff several times a day and always different times. Weekends included and in the middle of the night also. Good luck!

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