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Tips for Meeting Captain Marvel at Disney’s California Adventure

Disney’s California Adventure is the lesser known Park at the Disneyland Resort and it’s home to the Marvel character meet and greets!  A certain 6 year old was excited to go meet Captain Marvel so we headed to the line first things in the morning.   Here are some tips for meeting Captain Marvel at Disney’s California Adventure.

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1.  Get to the Line Early!

Since Captain Marvel is so popular right now with the movie release, the line tends to be long to meet her.  When you head into Disney’s California Adventure, head over to the Monster’s Inc ride in Hollywood Land.  If you walk past the ride you will see the plane set up and line queue for Captain Marvel.  She comes out on the SUV and there is a really short show (basically she gets an update from SHIELD) before she starts taking photos with guests.

2.  Interact with the Cast Members!

The cast members are so much fun!  Usually they hand out activity books for the kids but on our trip they were all out of them.  Instead, the Cast Members chatted and played freeze with the kids.  They also kept us updated on when Captain Marvel would be taking a break.

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3. Patience is Necessary!

One of the things that was so different from a normal meet and greet was that Captain Marvel approaches each guest when their turn arrives.  She shakes hands with everyone and has a brief chat before taking photos.  Because of this the character interactions take a bit of time.  

4.  Bring sunscreen or a hat!

The Captain Marvel line is in direct sunlight so we ended up roasting waiting for her to come back.  Make sure to bring some protection from the sun.  We love this sunscreen and I have these baseball caps for the kids.

5.  Instagram Walls

Don’t forget to the stop at the wall murals across from the line queue to get some Captain Marvel themed photos.  Since the old photo walls were taken down to include the Captain Marvel jet, this is an alternative photo walls to take pictures.

Do you plan on meeting Captain Marvel at Disneyland? Have you seen Captain Marvel yet in the theaters?  Here is my spoiler free movie review!


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