Tips for Visiting Walt’s Barn at Griffith Park

During this winter ski week break, we decided to explore Los Angeles. Our first stop on this trip was Walt’s Barn and the Live Steamers train rides at Griffith Park. Griffith Park is one of those places we always pass by but never stop at.  This time though I made a promise to the kids we would check out the train displays.  Since I’m also huge Disney fan, I knew that it would be a great opportunity to check out Walt’s Barn. Here are some tips for visiting Walt’s Barn at Griffith Park.

What is Walt’s Barn?

Walt’s Barn is Walt Disney’s actual barn from his backyard from his home in Holmby Hills. It was torn down and re-built here on the Los Angeles Live Steamers property. There is a magical museum inside of the barn, a combine car from the Disneyland Railroad, Ollie Johnston’s depot, and a small souvenir stand. Walts Barn is only open the third Sunday of the month from 11-3pm.

The barn is filled with great Disney memorabilia such as Walt’s shave kit, railroad hats, original Disneyland tickets, blueprints, signs and posters. Items are displayed on woodworking tables that Walt actually built himself.

The grounds are fairly small and they contain Walt’s Barn, a restored train car used during the original opening of Disneyland, and a steam locomotion display.  There are plenty of hosts and attendants milling around to answer guest questions.

Tips for Visiting Walt’s Barn

Get to the location before opening. The parking outside the gate is limited and if you get there early, you won’t have to walk from the east gate. We were one of the first 10 people in on Sunday morning and we didn’t have a long wait to get through the barn. By the time we were done with the museum and rain rides the line was so long to get inside the Barn.

Chat with the hosts! They all are very friendly and knowledgeable about the items in the barn!

The Barn is free but $5 donations are encouraged. I think it’s well worth the price to keep this great space open!

Check the website, they often have special guests signing books!

Is this for kids?

To be honest, like the Walt Disney Museum this isn’t really a kid-friendly place. There are a lot of memorabilia and small plaques to read. My kids liked seeing the train models but there are signs not to touch them. They did, however, enjoy the train rides hosted by the LA Live Steamers.

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