A Disneyland Trader Sam’s Review

Did you know that there is a somewhat hidden tiki bar (with the best cocktails) on the Disneyland Hotel grounds?  I had heard that it was a fun experience so I made it a point to put it on our bucket list to try out!  Upon arrival at our yearly trip to Disneyland we had a few hours to kill before bedtime.  Since it was too cold for the pool and we were starving, a stop-off at Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar was in order. The Tiki Bar is located behind the pool at the Disneyland Hotel and we arrived around 7 pm.

The Outdoor Ambiance

Trader sam's Disneyland

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar outdoor area was filled but not so much that we didn’t have space to sit. The entire bar and patio’s ambiance is great with an outdoor fireplace and Hawaiian singers serenading the diners.  We stopped at the bar first where children can dine before 8 PM but only at the tables.

We chose to sit outside on the patio because it was just a tad bit weird to have our kids in the bar. I loved the decor but the weather outside was too gorgeous to miss.  We also wanted to experience the singers who were setting up just as we arrived! 

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All over the bar walls, there is Disney paraphernalia but not necessarily Disney characters, it’s more of a nod to certain rides and Disney history.  Just peeking in we saw several cool items on the walls and the bar stools were moving which looked fun!

The Food/Drinks

I ordered the Uh Oa (pronounced Uhh-OO-AAA), the Ahi Poke appetizer, and the Chicken lettuce wraps. We had no idea what to expect but when the drink came out in a large tiki bowl with a burning flame, and soon we were surrounded by several cast members.  They had us chant Uh Oa! Uh, Oa! while they threw cinnamon into the flame.

Trader sam's Disneyland

The entire experience was really cheesy but also really fun!  The drink was delicious and STRONG. Seriously, I was surprised at just how tasty and strong the drink was. For an additional $24.00 we could have bought the tiki bowl that the drink arrived in but we passed.

Trader sam's Disneyland

The ahi poke was delicious. It’s stacked on fresh avocado and served with crispy wonton wedges. The dish was so tasty, I wish we had ordered two.  The pupu platter offered us a chance to try several different items like the fried green beans and the bacon burger.

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The lettuce wraps could have used a bit more seasoning but overall they weren’t bad, just a tad bit bland.  The cast members who waited on us were friendly and explained their favorite dishes without hesitation.

The fun environment and delicious drinks make this an area of the Disneyland Hotel that you won’t want to miss!

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