Meet the Trifo Max Pet Robot Vacuum!

This post is sponsored by Trifo. All opinions are my own.

We’ve never owned a robot vacuum but that has now changed now that Trifo generously sent us a MAX Pet Robot Vacuum to review! It was careful process to introduce this vacuum in our home because our Frenchie Maximus Warhammer tends to love to chew on items. Read further for my review of the Trifo Max pet robot vacuum!

What is the TRIFO MAX PET?

The Trifo Max Pet edition is a robot vacuum for the home! One cool thing is that the Trifo Max continuously learns the ins and outs of your home and builds real-time maps that show the most efficient path to take. The Trifo Home app lets you see where he is or has just been.

Max is unique robot vacuum in that it’s also a home protection asset. Thanks to its embedded camera, speaker, and microphone, you can see and talk to family members, pets, or even intruders through the app while you’re away.

Setting up the Max Pet

Setting up the Trifo Max Pet Robot is really easy.  Trifo includes some really fun stickers that you can put on your Max like glasses! I removed the protection strip and plugged the dock into the kitchen wall.  Once the Robot is plugged into the wall and fully charged, it’s ready to go! One suggestion would be to change up the instructions to list all pieces on the first page. There were two pieces that I could not figure out what they were and finally located the names and instructions on the very last page.

Introducing the Max Pet to Maximus Warhammer (Our Frenchie)

Here’s the deal, Max the Frenchie is very protective of our family and home.  To get him used to the idea of having a robot vacuum I left out the box for an entire day.  Max didn’t even take any interest.  The next day I set up the MAX Robot in our kitchen.  He went and sniffed it twice and stared at it for most of the day but didn’t mess with it otherwise.

By the third day he wasn’t even noticing it so that is when I pressed the power button and let the vacuum do its thing!  Max the Frenchie was curious but left it alone and I think it’s because he recognized that this item moved in and was going to stay!


So far so good! I like the design of the vacuum and note that the charging port is on the back of the robot, not the front so the camera is pretty clear. The app was easy to download, but took a bit to connect. It is also compatible to Alexa which is very helpful.

I let it loose on our thick carpet in the office and it did well picking up all the dog hair, but got stuck on a cord so I made sure to clear cords in the other rooms before letting the MAX do its thing.

trifo max pet robot vacuum lines

The MAX is fairly quiet on the lower settings and honestly, I don’t even notice it anymore. It’s almost like background white noise and is certainly quieter than our Dyson vacuum.

The one area we ran into trouble with was the stairs. Twice the MAX stopped in time at the edge of the stairs but the third time it was about to go over before I caught it. In the future, we will have to block the stairs access while the MAX robot works its magic on the second floor.

Overall we are really happy with this vacuum and I will update in a month or so to check in on how it’s doing!


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