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Places to Find Tween Disney Clothes They Will Love!

I have a tween and dressing her for Disney trips has been some of the most fun I’ve had in this Disney life we lead.  I think it’s probably because my tween is really laid back about her wardrobe but only to a point! What is my tween concerned about?  She doesn’t want frilly or baby character items.  In fact, if they have to be character items, they have to be cool.  Clothes have to be fashionable but comfortable enough to spend an entire day at the parks.  Disney flair (backpacks, clips, hair accessories) is absolutely necessary.  In the last few years, I’ve started to find brands and items that work for my tween who is too young for most of the stuff I find in the juniors section but also too old for the girl’s section.  Here are a few places to find tween Disney clothes!

6 places to find disney tween clothes!

tween disney clothing

1.  Zara

Zara always has fun unique pieces of Disney clothing.  It’s a place where I can find items that have villains on them.  They often have unique items like shoes and the prices are very reasonable.  Note: Zara clothing can run small so I would try on in store if possible.  If you can’t, then always lean toward sizing up if purchasing online.  Most of their larger girls items go up to size 14.  

2.  Forever21

Forever21 is another one of our favorite places to get tween Disney clothing.  The pieces are affordable and I don’t ever see anyone else in the same outfits when we are in the parks.  Disneyland can often be cold during the nights and sweatshirts like these keep her cozy but also show off her Disney style!  Forever21 also has great basics like black leggings and jeans to match up with their Disney themed clothing.

tween disney clothing

3.  Etsy has great options for tween disney clothes

Etsy is a great place for custom pieces.  Think dresses, shorts and graphic t shirts.  Some of our favorite shops make the cutest tee shirts that are Disney themed but not character based.  They also have an amazing selection of custom Mickey ears!  Etsy is a great resource but it’s so important to check on the turnaround time on a custom item before purchasing.  Let a seller know the exact day you’d need the item and remember to check reviews!

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4.  Amazon

Need something with quick shipping?  Amazon has you covered!  From fun leggings to Disney Vans shoes and Disney swag like keychains and bags, Amazon has it all.  These shoes are a cute addition to any tween wardrobe!  Amazon prices can be a bit high but if you need an item in a pinch, they can get it to you fast.  

5.  Specialty Shops (Magical Threads, Raising Wilds, etc)

I get great tween Disney clothes from shops like Magical Threads and Raising Wilds.  These are small shops that have amazing Disney fabrics.  I’ve purchased the girls peplums and leotards from shops like these.

6.  Box Lunch and Hot Topic

Disney flair is pretty important to tweens!  My tween has this awesome backpack that she puts her pins, keychains and patches on.  I find some of the cutest stuff at Box Lunch and Hot Topic.  Bonus the stores often have sales and additional discount codes!

7. Old Navy

Old Navy has a solid selection of tees some of which are gender neutral and work for everyone!

So there you have it! These are the fun shops that you can find tween Disney clothes! Do you have a shop to share that I missed? Leave it in the comments!


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