The Best Tween Graphic Novels to Read When They are Bored!

Quarantine is a great time to have your tween catch up on their reading!  Graphic novels offer that amazing balance of a great story and beautiful illustrations to not only challenge your tween’s reading level but also keep them busy during the lockdown.  I’ve assembled a long list of graphic novels, some that are realistic views of tween life and others that will transport your tween into magical fantasy worlds.  Here are the best tween graphic novels to read if your tween is bored.  

tween graphic novels
This post contains affiliate links.

The Best Tween Graphic Novels

This post contains affiliate links.

What makes a good tween graphic novel? One that’s descriptive. One that tells a story. One with clear messages.

Every time you read a graphic novel, your perception of the story evolves. This is what makes graphic novels so special — you’re not just reading, you’re living in another colorful world with every flip of each page.

So there you have it, a comprehensive list of 45 tween graphic novels to read if they are bored. Did any miss any that your tween loved? Sound off in the comments!

Here are the tween graphic novels releasing in 2022!

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