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Uncovering the Magic of Babajoon’s Treasure: A Picture Book Review

The best picture books are those that capture the imagination and engage the reader through vivid illustrations and captivating storytelling. Babajoon’s Treasure is a new picture book releasing in late March by Simon & Schuster. Read on for a review of Babajoon’s Treasure.

In Babajoon’s Treasure, written by Farnaz Esnaashari and illustrated by Nabi H. Ali, colorful imaginations take over when a young girl spends some time with her grandparents! Every year Miriam spends a week with her Babajoon and Mamanjoon.  When Miriam goes out one day with her Babajoon (Grandfather) she quickly realizes there are aspects of him that she never knew!  When buying ice cream a strange coin that Miriam has never seen falls out of his pocket.  He seems to know the language and sounds of parrots and uses secret language to communicate with friends.  Miriam comes to one conclusion that answers every question she has: Babajoon must be a pirate!

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Babajoon's Treasure

In a sweet series of conversations, Miriam finds out that her Babajoon isn’t necessarily a pirate, he is Iranian and speaks Farsi!  Miriam and Babajoon have a good conversation in which Babajoon explains growing up in Iran and some of the traditions he brought with him to a new country.

Babajoon’s Treasure speaks to the importance of passing down cultural traditions because Miriam doesn’t seem to know that her family is from Iran but she does know they have certain traditions like eating together picnic style.  Children will also enjoy the colorful pages that come to life just like Miriam’s imagination!

Babajoon’s Treasure releases March 28 2023!


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