Unique Activities on the Island of Kauai!

The Garden Isle of Kauai is the place where you want to go if you need to relax and detox from everything. The Island offers lots of hiking and surfing but there are also some unique options for visitors! Here are some unique activities on the Island of Kauai.

Visit the Town that Inspired Lili & Stitch

The tiny artist town of Hanapepe is also the town that inspired the famous movie Lilo & Stitch! Hanapepe has a swinging bridge that is fun to walk across, a marvelous spice shop, a fun Lilo & Stitch mural and the westernmost bookstore in the United States.

unique activities kauai hanapepe

Friday nights are the best times to wander through Hanapepe Town. All of the galleries are open and the shops and restaurants are bustling. Artists, musicians, and vendors of all types lining the main street makes for a wonderful night out.

Chocolate Tasting

There are two major chocolate farms on Kauai, however, Lydgate Farms has tour reservations online. For about $95 you can tour the Lydgate chocolate farm and taste their chocolate, honey and many tropical fruits on the farm. Their tour is very educational, and includes vanilla bean growing and processing; cacao growing and processing, and tasting exotic fruit such as soursop, chiku, and sapote.

Lydgate offers bug spray and water and the tour is about 2 hours long.

Visit Waimea Canyon

No unique activities list for Kauai is complete without mentioning Waimea Canyon. Waimea Canyon offers gorgeous views and is a short drive from the South Shore of Kauai. Waimea Canyon is a vast range of mountains and cliffs that goes on for miles.  What makes this canyon special is the added features of lots of greenery, orange rocks and of course the iconic red dirt.

unique activities kauai waimea conyon

There are pit stops at scenic overlooks (some charge you $10 per car PLUS $5 per person) but we saw plenty of places to stop for free. At many of the lookouts, vendors will sell fresh fruits, baked goods and drinks for a reasonable price. 

Rum Tasting

For the adults, another unique activity that should be experienced is rum tasting! The Koloa Rum Tasting room in Lihue offers free tastings every hour on the hour. The tasting consists of 6 different rums and a brief history of Koloa Rum for free. The servers are friendly and the gift shop is extensive which makes it a great place to stock up on souvenirs and gifts!

Make the Trek to Polihale Beach!

Polihale Beach is such a gorgeous part of Kauai and the marks the beginning of the Na Pali Coast! The road is bumpy and you might want to turn around but the views are stunning!

polihale kauai


Kauai Backcountry Adventures offers a fun and unique activity with their tubing excursions! An experienced guide will share stories and facts about Kauai along the entire tubing adventure. Gusts will pick their large inflatable tube, don a tubing adventure headlamp, and make their way down a gentle flow of water. These mazes of ditches are fascinating, historical engineering features that are fun to float within. Along the tour, you will traverse tunnels and flumes that were engineered and hand-dug circa 1870. The plantation and irrigation systems are an integral part of Kauai history. 

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