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Tips for the Kauai Waipa Farmers Market

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After reading this article on Kauaiā€™s growing agro community I knew that Waipa Farmer’s Market was just up our alley. We arrived in Kauai on a Monday which means the only day to visit was the next Tuesday. After spending the morning in the water of Hanalei Bay, we had lunch and then headed to the farmers market. Apparently, everyone else on the island had the same idea, as there were TONS of people milling around waiting for the market to open. We waited a few minutes looking at the clouds rolling over the mountains and then were shocked when the gates opened and people ran full speed into the area! They seemed mostly to congregate on a few organic produce booths but we took our time making our way in and around the small market.

waipa farmers market

We took our time and sampled local salsa, pies, ice cream, and of course fruit. My dad bought Lychees and Rambutans. I bought some strawberry Papaya, kiwis, and a delicious acai bowl made with bananas and Anahola granola. We took a ton of produce back to our condo to eat including a mango pie and a lemon cream pie. This farmers market did not disappoint and I highly recommend stopping by if you ever visit the island.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you go!

waipa farmers market

Tips for the Waipa Farmer’s market Kauai

1. Bring cash

It’s cash only at this farmers market.  The nearby towns have plenty of atm machines so get money before you go.  There are no ATMs on-site, it’s literally several tents set up in an open field.

2.  Go early

This is one of the few farmer’s markets on Kauai and it gets packed early.  We got there before opening and by the time the rope dropped there were already 50 people lined up.

3.  Do a lap before buying

It’s helpful to make a lap around the market to see what everyone was selling.  We knew we wanted fresh vegetables to pair with our fresh fish, and we took our time seeing all the selections before buying.  We also make a list of fruits and then decided on dessert after seeing all the food that the farmers were offering.

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