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9 Ways Minimalism Makes You Happier

Minimalist living or, in other words, the idea of living consciously with fewer possessions is something that more and more individuals are adopting every day. Minimalism simply makes you happier. Articles on how to declutter your space get millions of hits online, books on minimalism are filling bookstore shelves, and owning fewer things has never been so popular. Minimalist lifestyles, and living with less is really in trend.


Simply because the benefits are endless. Getting down to it, I think that the most prominent one is that it makes you a lot happier.

minimalism makes you happier

 9 ways adopting minimalism makes you happier

1.      More time

The more stuff you possess, the more time you’ll spend behind organizing and cleaning everything. So, decluttering and owning fewer things will provide you with extra hours every day which you can utilize to do the things that actually matter to you the most.

2.      Clarity and peace

Decluttering and making additional space in your home means you’re doing the same for your mind. Cluttered environments are great for getting overstimulated. Overstimulation is probably the biggest enemy of mindfulness because you can’t think clearly when you’re overloaded with sensory information. Minimalism ensures that you’re buffered from such triggers and provides your mind with the clarity and peace that it deserves.

3.      Self-discovery

The first step of minimalism is becoming introspective and finding out what things we truly want to include in our life. Later, it prompts us to remove everything from our life that distracts us from focusing on the things that are important to us.

So, with less stuff around to distract us from who we are, we can begin the process of self-discovery.

4.      More freedom

The sense of freedom that comes from adopting a minimalist lifestyle is truly refreshing. You’ll no longer feel tied to the shackles of material possession. It will allow you to experience freedom from greed, obsession, debt, and overworking. All of this enables you to feel a new sense of independence.

5.      More confidence

The core idea of minimalism promotes individuality and self-reliance. This will make you more confident and motivated in your pursuit of happiness.

6.      More money

Minimalism helps you in controlling your impulses to purchase things out of comparison, jealousy, or some other reason. Buying less means having more money on hand to spend on something that you really want to do or possess. Here are some things that minimalists never buy!

7.      Better relationshiPS

When you stop competing with your family and friends to have the biggest house or the fastest car; When you stop trying to impress the people around you and just try to connect with them; When you just be yourself, your relationships are bound to improve. Remember, good relationships are never built on comparison and competition. They’re built on shared memories and experiences.

8.      More gratefulness

When you accumulate so much, you don’t give enough value and appreciate the things around you. In addition, clutter makes it really hard for us to figure out what we truly want or love in our home.

Once you let go of everything excess, you understand the importance and start being grateful for the things you surround yourself with. You become mindful of them and give them the care they deserve.

9.      More experiences

Think about this – What are your most enamored memories? The memories that you’ll cherish throughout your life.

I’m sure that they don’t involve material possessions. Our fondest memories are usually connected to experiences, feelings, and emotions, not to the things. Minimalism enables you to focus more on creating experiences that’ll make you happier rather than accumulating things.

What motivates you to become a minimalist? Drop your answers in the comments. I’d love to read them.


ways minimalism makes you happier

2 thoughts on “9 Ways Minimalism Makes You Happier”

  1. Carrie

    I simply no longer want to deal with what I call dust collectors or all the extra stuff!
    I have had problems with sensory overload since 2013 and any type of clutter or anything seriously out of place in our home gives me anxiety. I have had ADHD since I was about 5 and alongside that I am a perfectionist.
    I will be 60 years old this year and have come to believe that less is much more than my husband and I need. We started embracing the minimalism life last year and I am still working on decluttering or home. It is a work in progress.

  2. Carol

    I always looking for support for my downsizing towards a more minimalist lifestyle it’s a lot of work. I’m learning so much about myself it’s really rewarding

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