What to Expect when Picking a Tesla Model 3 from the Fremont Factory

After a long wait, we all cheered when we got the email to pick up our Tesla Model 3!  I question I hear a lot is what to expect when picking a Tesla Model 3 from the Fremont factory?  Read on to find out!

The Tesla Fremont delivery center is a brand-new warehouse directly off the 880 highway. It’s an easy drive from the South Bay Area and while under normal circumstances we would have scheduled our appointment outside of commute hours, BUT we took our 3 pm appointment happily since someone had canceled.    

We arrived at the building and checked in 10 minutes before the appointment time.  The check-in area is small with a few seating options and separated from the warehouse behind a red velvet rope.  Our family was greeted by Sade, our Tesla customer service specialist, who escorted us to our Model 3.  Sade had us download the Tesla app to our phones and asked the kids to to press two buttons- one to flash the lights and one to honk the horn so we could find which vehicle was ours.

I think by this point we were all giddy to see the car in person.  Mind you, this was a 2-year, 2-month and 13-day wait for this car so seeing it under the spotlights was pretty fun!  I read a lot about the inspection process and the lighting but we felt that we were given ample time to inspect the exterior and interior of the car.  The car was under  2, maybe 3 spotlights and while I’m sure natural light would be better, we were able to see the car and inspect for any imperfections. 

After we had the chance to inspect the car, we took a family photo.  We were then able to move over to the waiting lounge area area to sign the paperwork and hand over the keys to the car we were trading in.  The lounge area has several sofas, a free coffee bar area, a Model X and S on display, and Tesla gear on display.  I must say the staff was amazing to our kids!  They offered them snacks (juice and fruit snacks) and toys (Tesla hot wheels).  All the staff smiled and greeted them warmly.  They didn’t even bat an eye at them being with us or when they asked to sit in the Models on display.

Once the paperwork was completed, Sade escorted us outside where our car was waiting.  She methodically went over important things to know about operating the car pointing out important details.   Tucked inside the middle compartment was a tiny die-cast Tesla as a gift.  I’d say the entire pick up experience took about 45 minutes.  Overall the experience was fantastic, the staff very nice and we are enjoying our car!

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