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What to Know About Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas is made up of several shops and food trucks and is owned by the Gaines family. There is a fun garden section, bakery, main market and then a large grass area and with lots of picnic tables. The Silos was originally built in 1950 as Cotton Oil Company. The entire property sits on 2 city blocks.  After brunch at Magnolia Table, we headed to the Silos and I’ve put together a quick guide for what you need to know about Magnolia Market!

magnolia market
magnolia market garden

Magnolia Market- Shopping

The shopping area of Magnolia Market is a huge warehouse that is decorated beautifully.  When I visited there were spring blooms everywhere, it looked like it had been recently decorated to reflect the warm weather.  There is also a mock up kitchen for those wanting to see how several of the decorative pieces would fit in a kitchen space. The back of the warehouse is Chip’s Corner with some of his favorite things like shirts and tools for sale.  While Magnolia Market is a really pretty space with a ton of items, almost everything is full price.

magnolia market kitchen

This isn’t the place to get deals, that would be about 10 minutes away at Jo’s old store, the Little Shop on Bosque.  If you buy something at the Silos Market, your receipt will get you an additional 10% off at the Little Shop on Bosque. I should say that the staff at every Magnolia place we visited was super nice. Their job is to try to make things easier to find for customers. They also ease some tensions that I would assume pop up since almost everything requires a bit of a wait.

Silo Bakery Co

The wait to get into the Silo Bakery shop was 45 minutes. We skipped and got cupcakes from the food trucks.  The food truck offers the main selection of cupcakes (lemon lavender, Silobration, and vanilla) but if you want things like cookies and pastries, then you will have to wait in line to get into the bakery. While you wait you get a card and a pencil to review the current cupcake selections. You may make your choice and mark the card as you wait. The other option is to take a few minutes when you get inside to see what selections look best.  The bakery itself is quite small but don’t let the size of the store fool you. The cupcakes are well made, moist and absolutely delicious.  While we were there Jo’s mom was behind the counter and came out to sign books!

Magnolia Market-Parking

There is free parking along the back of the market but on an extremely busy day parking will be tough to find.  The surrounding businesses charge $10-15 per car to park in their lots.  Have some patience and park on the free parking in the dirt lot!

Magnolia Market-Other Activities

There are instagram photo opportunities everywhere but our kids had the most fun playing with the games and blocks.  It took about 20 minutes, but we were able to find some free bean bags to lounge on in the shade while they played. We relaxed for most of the afternoon while the kids drank juice and snacked on kettle corn that one of the booth were selling.

Magnolia Press

Before leaving we got iced coffees from Magnolia Coffee Press which is the coffee shop on the Silos property. The interior of the cafe is simple, cozy, and welcoming.  Try the cold brew with Oat milk and a pastry- the blueberry roll was amazing!

magnolia market

If I was in the area again, I would absolutely go back. But, I would expect to get there early to try to avoid some of the long lines to get into each space. Have you been to the Silos in Waco? What would you add to the list that people need to know about Magnolia Market?


magnolia market

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