What to Know About Stainless Steel Kitchen Islands

I got a ton of questions about the stainless steel island so I wanted to create a post that covers some pros and cons after 6 months of use!  After 6 months of use, on we really love the surface.  Here’s what to know about stainless steel kitchen islands!

1. Stainless Steel is Durable

One thing that attracted me to this surface is that it is durable and heat resistant.  Stainless steel doesn’t stain.  If you clean regularly and correctly it’s a great germ-free and hygienic surface for prepping food!  One of the best features is that the surface is heat resistant, meaning that I’ve put hot pots and cookie sheets directly from the oven on the surface without ruining it!

2.  It Can and Will Scratch Easily

This issue is one that I thought about for a long time before ordering a slab for our island.  Stainless steel kitchen islands scratch so easily, but it also develops a patina over time.  Within a week our island had a few scratches.  They are noticeable in photos only up close.

3.  Noise

Stainless steel surface can be more noisy than quartz and butcher block.  We are already used to it but it’s important that people know when you chop or bang something on the surface it can ring.

4.  Price

Butcher block would have been much cheaper than stainless steel.  We paid about $1500 for our large piece to be fabricated by a local craftsman.  Stainless steel can range around $150-$200 per sq foot.

5.  Look and Feel

Stainless steel kitchen islands provide a cool and crisp look to any kitchen.  I love white but to keep the room from looking “clinical” I often put out a wood bowl full of oranges or lemons.  The beauty is that stainless steel surfaces are very neutral so the decor around them can be changed up often!

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