Need to Charge Your Phone at Disneyland Park? Here are the Best Locations!

Keeping your phone charged while you’re exploring Disneyland is a must for taking photos, mobile ordering, and accessing your digital park tickets. But you may be asking where can I charge my phone at Disneyland? Bringing your own portable phone charger is highly recommended, and fuel rod charging stations located in both parks offer a convenient way to power up battery packs. In this article, we’ll cover the best places throughout Disneyland Resort to charge your phone and external batteries using designated charging stations, and the random power outlet. We’ll also discuss how FuelRod’s portable chargers provide a reusable charging option you can swap out across Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. With proper planning, you can avoid the dreaded low battery during your Disneyland vacation.

where charge phone Disneyland

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Disney California Adventure Park

Smoke Jumpers Grill has power outlets in the seating area.  This is the perfect place to grab a frozen Coke and a crispy chicken sandwich to eat while you charge your phone! Guests have also spotted four outlets outside on the east wall of the Animation Building.

Disneyland Park

The Golden Horseshoe has several wall outlets upstairs close to the tables.  This is a great place to charge your phone while watching the fun show the Golden Horseshoe puts on.  The Snow White Wishing Well has two outlets in a green protective box in the bushes next to the railing.  

Other guests have spotted wall chargers at Hungry Bear Restaurant located on the lower level.  The lobby between the Disney Gallery and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln has padded benches next to a wall and there are wall outlets nearby.

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Grand Californian Hotel

If you have your charger and plug and don’t mind exiting DCA, you can do a quick charge in the Grand Californian. There are some wall outlets along the hallways and in the lobby.  When I’m in a pinch and have a dead phone, I head to the outlets in the area by the fireplace, they are around the edges of that space.  I’ve never had a cast member tell me not to do so and have seen a few other guests charging as well.


FuelRods is a portable battery pack that can be purchased in Disneyland parks and used to recharge your iPhone or other device on the go They come in a little kit with a few cables to match most Apple iOS or Android devices. You can charge your phone up and when the FuelRod dies, you can swap it out for a new battery pack at any FuelRod kiosks sprinkled throughout the resort.

where charge phone Disneyland fuelrod kiosk
Fuelrod Kiosk at Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff in Pixar Pier

FuelRods are a great resource if you need to charge your phone in Disneyland, especially so you can keep an eye on the character meet and greet locations and to do mobile ordering. FuelRods at Disneyland currently cost $30 at the Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosks throughout Disneyland. You can purchase one using a debit or credit card.

The kit includes one fully charged portable battery, one 3.5” USB to micro-USB cable (for most Android devices), one USB C Adapter (needed for some Android Devices), and one 3.5″ Apple Lightning to USB cable (for iPhone generations 5+).

If your portable FuelRod battery runs down (indicated by a red LED light), you can:

  • Recharge it using a USB cable to plug into a computer or into an AC outlet through a USB charging port.
  • Swap it for a fully charged battery replacement at any kiosk. Just insert your used battery, take a fresh one and you’re on your way!

One of the things I love about the FuelRods is you can purchase them on Amazon even before you get to the park! 

where charge phone Disneyland fuelrod

You can find FuelRod Chargers at Disneyland in both theme parks and around the Disneyland Resort Each fuel rod gives your device up to eight hours of charge time for a smartphone and up to four hours for a tablet.  

Our favorite FuelRod Kiosk is outside the Pooh’s Corner because there is never a line. We do recommend checking with a cast member because Disneyland tends to move these kiosks on a regular basis.  

According to the PlanDisney team, “You can find the nearest location by tapping the magnifying glass search icon in the Disneyland mobile app and searching for the term “phone” or “charge.” You will find kiosks at central locations such as the Main Street, U.S.A. rental lockers and Mortimer Market on Buena Vista Street. More far-flung locations include Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff in Pixar Pier, Ramone’s House of Body Art in Cars Land, and “it’s a small world” Toy Shop in Fantasyland. 

Bringing Your Own Portable Charger

Having your own portable phone charger is highly recommended and a great option for a day at Disneyland to avoid draining your phone battery trying to find scarce outlets. Portable power banks allow you to conveniently charge devices anywhere without having to find wall chargers.

Top brands like Anker and RavPower make high-capacity, fast-charging units perfect for theme parks. Look for a portable battery charger with at least 10,000 mAh to provide multiple full charges. 

Chargers from Anker, RavPower, and Mophie have efficient charging technology and smart features in a compact size.  

We love this Anker charger that we bought from Amazon. This Anker portable battery charger is incredibly slim, compact, and lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion charger to slip in your backpack or crossbody bag. Gone are the days of bulky power banks weighing down your bags. The Anker PowerCore Slim 10K slides effortlessly into any pocket and we bought extra to share when we go on big family trips to the parks.

For Apple devices, a portable charger from Mophie, Belkin, or Ugreen will ensure fast and safe iPhone charging. 

Having your own power bank means you can charge up your cell phone while waiting in line for rides. Be sure to fully charge the power bank before park days. With your own reliable portable charger, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your phone will stay powered up during long Disneyland days.


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Charging Lockers

In the past, Disneyland and California Adventure had charging lockers for those who needed to charge their phone during Disneyland park days. However, since the launch of FuelRod portable chargers across Disney properties, the charging lockers have been removed. I know those lockers used to be really hard to snag anyway, with limited availability. But don’t worry – there are now plenty of convenient FuelRod swap stations throughout both parks for repowering your gear on the go! 

The FuelRods offer a better charging experience than the old lockers. With easy swapping on the fly, you won’t need to waste precious Disney time tracking down a locker. So go ahead and have fun, snap those pics, and chat with your group without worrying about your battery.

Swing by a FuelRod station when your phone needs a quick boost or pack a portable power bank and you’ll be powered up for more Disney magic!

Top tips for saving phone battery power at Disney Parks:

  1. Turn off Bluetooth and background app refresh – These settings cause battery drains even when not in use.
  2. Dim your screen brightness – The brighter the screen, the more battery it uses. Turn down screen brightness to conserve power.
  3. Disable push notifications – Constant pings from apps consume battery. Temporarily disable notifications.
  4. Switch on low battery mode – This feature pauses background activity to save power.
  5. Disable location services – Constant GPS usage drains battery quickly. Only enable location when needed or switch to airplane mode if you still want to take pics.
  6. Close unused apps – Apps running in the background siphon battery life. Close out apps when not needed.
  7. Get a Disney photo pass so you won’t have to worry about taking photos that will drain your battery.  

Following these tips will help your phone battery last longer when you need it most at the parks. Be sure to also carry a portable charger and use charging stations throughout the parks. With smart power saving, your phone should stay powered up for Disney fun all day!

With chargers and power banks in your bags and strategic use of charging stations, keeping your devices powered up at Disneyland is easy. Take advantage of designated laptop tables, quick-service restaurant outlets, and swap services like FuelRod so you’ll never run out of battery during your Disney days. By planning ahead and packing the right gear, you can focus on family fun and Disney magic without worrying about your phone dying. Use this charging guide to make the most of your Disneyland vacation and capture priceless memories without having to hunt for spare outlets. And may your tech be fully charged as you make magical memories with your loved ones at the Happiest Place on Earth!

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