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Why?: A Conversation About Race Book Review

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More than ever, complex topics like race and racism and children’s books that break down the subject are needed. Read on for a full review of Why: A Conversation about Race by Taye Diggs.

Why A Conversation About Race review

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Why?: A Conversation About Race is a book that asks the question “Why are people marching, shouting, and speaking out against racism?” It’s done in a way that is easy for children to understand in this heartfelt book by Taye Diggs.  This question is carefully answered in ways that communicate that the people protesting and speaking out are tired of the violence and racism directed towards people of color.  The prose is simple but not in a bad way, it’s a great introductory book that helps explain the current climate in the United States. Why? does in a way that doesn’t scare or dismiss the feelings of concern that arise when children see protesting on television and in their own neighborhoods.  Why? is a great book that can either introduce the topic of racism and protests or help explain the reaction to racism for children who are interested in learning more.  

Beautiful illustrations by Shane W. Evans remind me of watercolor paintings. The characters in Why?: A Conversation About Race? have diverse hair textures and skin tones which adds to the importance of reflecting a country that has people of all shades of brown.  

Why?: A Conversation About Race releases on February 1, 2022.


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