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Why Millennials Should PrePlan Their Funerals at Skylawn

This post was sponsored by Skylawn. All opinions are my own.

Raise your hand if this pandemic has put a lot of things into perspective for you?  For me, it’s a huge reminder to live with intention and purpose.  While I’ve concentrated on making things as normal for my children as I can, it also made me realize that one of the most important things I can do for my family is to make sure my will is in order and I’m clear with my personal wishes. 

Here’s the thing, funerals and cremations used to be a taboo subject and they are simply not anymore.  If you are a millennial that has children, property, assets or family that you don’t think would respect what you want, it’s imperative to have a plan for what to do after you pass.  

Gone are the days of embarrassment or fear of talking about death.  

Millennials are taking control of their own funeral preparations and why shouldn’t they?  Personalization is so important, especially for a generation that is used to discussing taboo topics.  Here are three main reasons millennials should preplan their funerals and how the Bay Area’s Skylawn Funeral Home can help.

Why Millennials Should PrePlan Their Funerals at Skylawn

1. Costs are Handled

I’ve witnessed the stress of how much a funeral or memorial service can cost on families not ready for the expense.  On top of grief and sadness, your loved ones worrying about how to pay for a funeral is a huge stress.  Most millennials should preplan because they are already established in their careers and can handle figuring out and budgeting the costs for their own funeral or cremation plans.  Skylawn offers payment plans and work closely with millennials to find services that work within a specific budget.

2. Your Wishes Are Respected

Millennials should preplan their services to make sure their specific wishes are respected! Simply put, only YOU know what you want to happen with your service.  Preplanning guarantees that millennials are making decisions for themself and that is so important. Skylawn has an extensive staff that is equipped to help you plan whatever you envision. Their staff implicitly understands religious traditions and services for military veterans and first responders.

3.  Stress is Averted When You Plan at Your Own Pace

There is a fundamental difference between planning a service under duress and planning one where you have the TIME to figure out what exactly you want. I think one major thing to take into consideration is that when plans are finalized it adds to this sense of resolve. Family crises or arguments can be averted if you decide on your own arrangements.


We were invited by Skylawn Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory to go and view the property and explore the options they provide for families and individuals who are interested in preplanning their funeral.  My first of impression of Skylawn was awe.  It’s a beautiful and peaceful space nestled in the Ridge trail on Highway 92.  Skylawn has gorgeous views and while the facilities are so important, the staff and how they interact is even more important.  My impression of the Skylawn staff was one of empathy and helpfulness.  From the minute we walked into the facility I just felt a calmness that matched the serenity of the reception building.

I took the time to make my way through the grounds stopping at the Eternity Gardens, and Veterans lawns. While we were there I was so happy to see a Dias De Los Muertos celebration and felt that Skylawn made significant effort to make sure they are inclusive to all backgrounds and traditions.

According to Melissa Gonzales, a Skylawn sales manager, “Skylawn has over 60 years of experience serving families of all religions practiced in the Peninsula.  When a family in need comes to Skylawn, they will serve with care specific to their religious practices.  Some religions require burial within 24 hours of a passing.  Skylawn is equipped to work with these situations and have never failed to meet a family’s needs.”

Why Millennials Should PrePlan Their Funerals at Skylawn Funeral Home


Skylawn Funeral Home is a state-of-the-art facility with large chapels, visitation rooms, and a vista reception room that opens to a beautiful patio area with rock garden and waterfall.  They also have on-site crematory, ensuring your loved one is in our care the entire time. Most millennials are very concerned about the environment and Skylawn practices sustainability by having all of their beautiful fountains use recycled water.

Particularly important to me was information on how Skylawn honors Veterans and First Responders. Skylawn has 14 Veteran lawns and absent of Covid, have Memorial and Veterans Day events. This year they will be putting out American flags on the Veterans lawns and if you are a millennial who is there to visit a loved one’s burial site, Skylawn has flags available at the front desk.

Why Millennials Should PrePlan Their Funerals at the Bay Area Skylawn
Inside the cozy Skylawn Reception Building


Skylawn is following the county protocols for Covid which includes contactless payments, temperature checks, hand sanitizer and Viewnerals- funerals that can be viewed from anywhere so friends and family can participate.

For those interested in pre-planning with Skylawn, request a preplanning guide.


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  1. I may be one in a million, but I cherish the experience of funerals. I remember attending the first one around 3, she was an elderly neighbor and a friend of my mothers. Since then, I’ve been fascinated by the way people celebrate those they have loss. This place looks amazing. It definitely has me thinking about my future.

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