Why You Should Try Ballast Point at Downtown Disney

Ballast Point at Downtown Disney continues the tradition of California craft brews at the Disneyland resort. Opened in 2019 amidst much redevelopment, Ballast Point brought two decades of tradition from its San Diego-based brewery. As a major transformation of Downtown Disney continues, we are happy to say that Ballast Point perfectly rounds out a varied assortment of offerings including Black Tap, Splitsville, Salt & Straw, and much, much more. Downtown Disney is still adding enhancements and new experiences, but the beginning of it all was the introduction of Ballast Point. Along with it came the craft, the art, and the experience of the great-tasting beer.

Ballast Point Brewery & Kitchen at Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)

Ballast Point Brewing Co. Food Options

Ballast Point at Downtown Disney is a full restaurant, not just a bar or a tasting room. The menu includes kid-friendly options and the seating at the restaurant includes an outdoor rooftop patio. It’s nestled deep in the heart of Downtown Disney, right next to Black Tap and Salt Straw in the next building over. The restaurant even has a weekend brunch on offer until 1:00 pm. The Brunch menu includes a breakfast burrito and a breakfast burger among other traditional options. The brunch menu also includes avocado toast and acai bowls.

For lunch or dinner, you can expect traditional pub food infused with California flavor. Among the popular plates are a brisket sandwich, a chicken sandwich, fish tacos, and more. Mains range from a $15 flatbread to a $55 ribeye. A Cajun Shrimp Pasta nicely fills in the middle of the pack with a modest $28 price tag. Don’t forget the amazing pretzel and cheese dip appetizer which also makes for a great snack if you want something that isn’t too heavy for lunch.

Kids get the typical fare in Ballast Point at Downtown Disney. This includes chicken fingers, mac n cheese, and corndogs. Overall, there is something good for just about every diner.

The food is great, but the real star is the incredible beer. It’s listed on the menu based on hoppiness, maltiness, or crispness/brightness. There is even a menu for barrel-aged beer and small-batch specialties. If you are doing Disney with a beer lover, Ballast Point will make them very happy!

The Art of Ballast Point

Part of Ballast Point’s image is inextricably tied to the artwork on their labels. All of this is done by the company’s resident artist Paul Elder. The man started out as a customer, sharing his love of art and fishing. When he showed his sketches to the former COO and co-founder Yuseff Cherney, lightning struck and a key facet to the Ballast Point identity was born. It was also Elder who named what is now Ballast Point’s flagship brew, Sculpin. The concoction is a mix of two separate Ballast Point recipes and it didn’t come about until nearly a decade after the company started.

The Ballast Point Sextant

Another recognizable element of the Ballast Point Brewing Co. is the sextant which has been seen in some form or another on Ballast Point products since 1996. This nautical device is what sailors used to measure the Eagles of the stars on the horizon and thus keep sailing in the right direction. It’s a poignant symbol for the brewing company and a reminder to stay adventurous and keep finding new ways to stand out as one of the finest breweries in the world.

Ballast Point at Downtown Disney

Ballast Point is a must-do at Downtown Disney because you can enjoy a terrific meal in the heart of the action, or simply drop in for a pint, depending on what you have planned for the rest of the day. It’s just one of the many top brands that have made Downtown Disney the special retail and dining district it is today. It began a massive shift for the outdoor shopping mall and continues to inform the changes that continue to take shape into the future.

FAQs for Ballast Point at Downtown Disney

Does Ballast Point Downtown Disney take reservations?

They do take reservations. This location is on OpenTable or you can call the host stand directly.

Is this location currently accept walk-ins?

Yes, Ballast Point takes walk-ups HOWEVER, if it’s a holiday or a busy Disney day you might have a long wait time.

Do they have beer to go?

They do! You can either ask downstairs and they’ll send you up, or you can order before you leave!

Does Ballast Point Downtown Disney serve wine?

Yes, there is a wine and cocktail list.

Do you need a Disneyland ticket to enter?

No, this is located in Downtown Disney.

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