How to Find Your Own Version of Minimalism

Typically minimalism at its means living with fewer possessions. By intentionally removing the distraction of extra possessions and clutter, you focus on the things that matter the most in your life. Minimalism is a way of life that we intentionally create for ourselves in order to improve each and every aspect of our life. It requires us to take a deep look at our values and what we want to make out of our life, and because no two individuals are the same, minimalism looks different for everybody. Here is how to find your own version of minimalism!

your own version of minimalism

 Minimalism is not this idea that refrain you from buying things ever again and it also doesn’t say that you should live with just one chair in your house. It’s more about assessing what’s important to you and removing everything that is distracting you from that important stuff.

Is there any set of rules to be a minimalist?

No! As mentioned, your life as a minimalist will look different from another minimalist’s life, it totally depends on you. For example, I LOVE books and reading. I read a ton on my eBook but I also have copies of my favorite books in the house. Someone may see my books and think they are clutter but to me they are fascinating journeys that I take over and over again.

For me, beauty of minimalism is there are no right or wrong ways to follow it. If you’ve minimized down according to your preferences, then that is your version of minimalism.

Understand that with time your version may differ a bit, it may happen after a few months you get motivated to minimize even more and reduce your possessions or opposite to it, you may need some more items to survive a phase of life. Whatever version of minimimalism you decide on, don’t compare your version with anyone else.

Where to start?

When you’re ready to start, you can get inspired by other people’s versions, by reading books or listening to podcasts on minimalism to initiate your journey. Learning from their mistakes and following their tips will greatly help you to achieve your minimalist lifestyle goals.

Remember you don’t want to copy, because minimalism will only work when you curate a perfected version for yourself and your family according to your priorities. If you’re lost and overwhelmed with all the information, try figuring out your version by working on these ideas!

1. Know your WHY

What is your motivation for accepting this way of life?

There are literally hundreds of reasons that can lead you to minimalism. For instance, you may want to spend less time dealing with stuff around the house and more time to enjoy with your loved ones. Or you’re just tired of cleaning and want to allocate more time and energy for your hobbies. Personally, clutter is distracting to me. It causes me anxiety and I was making myself crazy with trying to find items that I knew I had but was lost amongst the clutter.

Whatever your reason may be, knowing your ‘WHY’ will keep you on track.

2. Prioritize what’s important to you

Maybe you want to excel at your career and want to dedicate your maximum time to pursue it, or you just want to leave the daily hustle behind and live in peace with your loved ones.

Make sure you give your best in terms of your time, presence, energy, and focus to your goal, and in order to do that you need to get rid of stuff that eats up precious hours of your life.

3. Let go

Let go of the things after figuring out what is enough for you. This essentially means that you keep only those things in your life which you use regularly or something which gives you satisfaction or happiness.

But, don’t just do this for once, regularly let go of things by assessing your life constant intervals. You may find something new each time that you’ll find unnecessary.

Finally don’t be hard on yourself while finding your version, start small, and gradually make it your lifestyle. Plus, it’s completely ok if your version changes with time and circumstances, as minimalism is bound to evolve.

I really hope that you got some valuable insight into how you can find your version of minimalism from this piece. Also, I would love to read what other techniques you use to achieve your minimalistic lifestyle goals. Drop your ideas in the comments.


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