Unique Items to Pack for Disney in 2023!

Packing for Disney Parks can be challenging on a good day! Typically I start packing at least two weeks before our trips so I know what I will have room for. For short trips I like to include unusual items that I KNOW will be useful while we are inside a Disney space. Here are unique items to pack for Disney!

Unique items to pack for Disney Parks photo of WDW castle

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Read on for unique items to pack for Disney parks

Glow Sticks

You can find cheap glow sticks at any party store or online. Rather than spending an exorbitant amount of money for parade toys, stock up before heading into the Park. Glow sticks keep kids busy before and during a parade plus they are affordable!

Extra Hair Ties

We love this hair tie brand and I bring at least 5 extra hair ties and put them in ALL the bags we bring.  I don’t know how many times we’ve lost or left them in the hotel.  I know to make sure that at least one of our bags has extra for those fast rides!

Toddler Sized Utensils

Disneyland/DCA doesn’t have small utensils so I always bring an extra set for my toddler.  This set and this set are reasonably priced and durable.

Epsom Salts

After a long day in the Parks, there is nothing better than soaking our feet!  I bring a small bag of Epsom salts and when we break, I draw a hot bath for us to soak our feet in.  


Disneyland sells postcards and sprinkled throughout the park are actual US Mailboxes.  What they don’t sell is stamps so bring a few fun ones if you like to send postcards from the resorts!

Loose Change

I keep a small coin purse in my backpack for when the kids want to get their pressed pennies.  They are obsessed with finding the newer designs they don’t have so I always come with tons of pennies and quarters for them to use.

Thin Blanket

I’ve noticed that people start to wait for the parades earlier and earlier to get the best seats.  I’ve taken to bringing this thin foldable blanket for us to sit on and for us to save our spots before the parade starts.  It folds up so small and can be thrown in a backpack or the bottom of a stroller when done.  Plus, I just throw it in the wash when we get home!

Portable Fan

If you’re visiting during the summer, a handheld fan can help keep you cool in the heat.


Walking or running through Disney Parks can take a lot of energy.  I try to keep a small packet of electrolytes for myself or my husband if we need a pick-me-up in the late afternoon.

Portable Chargers

Most Disney Parks have portable chargers but I like to bring my own.  It’s necessary if you are using the Disney app all days which you will need to schedule Maxpasses or get dining reservations.  This one is our favorite, it’s compact and lightweight!

Reusable Straw

Disney has moved towards compostable straws but they disintegrate so quickly. These reusable straws are great to use in the Disney parks.

Portable Food

When we go and will be eating at night I usually pick up a cup of noodles or mac and cheese cup for the girls. They love chicken noodle soup and sometimes it’s just easier to get some hot water from a quick-service restaurant and have them eat that or mac and cheese for dinner.


Frogg Togg chilly pads are one of the very best investments I’ve made.  On those super hot days, I pull these out, wet them down and pass out to my family.  There is nothing better than a cool towel on your neck when you are standing in the blazing sun!

unique items to pack for Disney Frogg Togg

Plastic Ponchos

Most Disney Parks have a rainy season, so if you are visiting don’t let the wet weather deter you.  Get a cheap plastic poncho before you get to the parks and avoid the expensive ones that the resorts sell.  These are our favorite ponchos to bring in the rain!

Flip Flops

After a long day at the Parks, you will want to have some flip-flops especially if you are walking back to your hotel.  These cute Disney-themed ones are what my kids have but check out Reefs for adults!

Kids Tylenol

Tylenol for unexpected fevers or super sore legs and feet is a must!

If you’re planning a Disney vacation, make sure to use Get Away Today– they offer the best prices and services. Make sure you let them know that This Bliss Life sent you!

Scarf or Ribbon

Tie a scarf or a ribbon to your stroller to find it easily.  We have a bright red stroller but when it’s in a sea of others, it’s still hard to find.  I tie a scarf or a cheap string of lights to our stroller to find it quickly.

Hand Warmers

On those cold nights waiting for the fireworks, hand warmers are so handy (you see what I did there?)  

So there you have unique items to pack for Disney! Did I miss something that you love to take? Sound off in the comments!!

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  1. Bring extra water. It’s a lot cheaper than buying it at Disney. If you like it cold, pack it in an insulated sack, along with any other drinks or snack foods that are better cold – or like chocolate, would melt in the heat.

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