10 Aulani FAQ’s for First Time Visitors!


A trip to Disney’s Aulani may seem like a complicated vacation to plan but it’s really not!  Getting to the island of Oahu is half the battle, and the check-in process at Aulani is so streamlined.  I often get a ton of questions about Aulani so I wanted to put together the top Aulani FAQ’s for new visitors!

10 Aulani FAQ's

Does the resort provide leis upon arrival?

Not anymore. As of 2020, Aulani no longer gives lei greetings but we did get buttons during our last trip.

How can I get from the Honolulu Airport to Aulani?

Uber, Lyft or shuttle services like Hele Hele. Check out this entire post for more information here.

Is parking free?

Yes but only if you are staying on DVC points.  Otherwise, it’s $35 per day.

How much is the reusable cup?

Currently, it’s $18.99.

Is the reusable cup worth the price?

Yes!  You get unlimited refills of coffee and soda drinks.  It was also perfect for taking ice water down to the beach.

Is Disney PhotoPass available?

Yes, there are photographers around the resort.  At 5 pm a few head down to the beach for sunset photos.  You can also hire a private photographer for $99.

What should I pack?

Pack light!  All you will need is swimsuits, flip flops and maybe a casual outfit like for a night luau or dinner.  Read this for more tips on what to pack!

Is there pin trading at the resort?

Yes, but it’s not out in the open like at Disneyland.  Ask the DVC or front desk staff, they have albums with pins!

Are there rides at Aulani?

Nope, no rides but there is a fun water structure and a lazy river.  There is also a fun water slide and rafts that you can use to go down it!

How old do kids need to be to visit Aunty’s Beach House?

At minimum four years old and potty trained!


Disney Aulani does not offer a day pass to the resort.

So there you have it, the top Aulani FAQ’s I get asked the most!  Did I miss anything?  Shout it out in the comments!

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