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Waking up one day and making the decision that you were going to become a minimalist doesn’t just happen overnight. Growing up around clutter and realizing that as an adult, I couldn’t love in a space with tons of items or clutter. It was a huge realization that clutter contributed to my personal anxiety. I’d find it hard to concentrate, piles of papers or stuff made me annoyed and when I couldn’t find something I knew was in the house, my entire day would be thrown off.

That’s when I knew, it was time to simplify. It was time to have a different mindset. Here are some of my best minimalism tips and articles!

Secrets to Cutting Laundry Room Clutter

When you think of clutter hot spots in your home, your laundry room probably doesn’t make the list. Laundry rooms hold a treasure trove of clutter that often goes unnoticed. If the very idea of walking into your laundry room stresses you out, it may be because of the way you have it organized. Here are ten secrets to cutting laundry room clutter.

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Create a Laundry Schedule

If you feel like you can never stay on top of your laundry, it might be because you can’t! Creating a laundry schedule will not only allow you to limit what goes in the laundry room but keep unnecessary items out!

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