The Best Fall Dishes at Carnation Cafe

Disneyland fans know that even on the best days, there is always a need to slow down, hydrate, and eat a solid meal.  Even if you don’t have the time make it to savor Carnation Cafe, one of the best meals in the Disneyland Resort!  This little spot has become one of my favorite places to eat in the park and here are the best fall dishes at Carnation Cafe.

What to Know About Carnation Cafe

Carnation Cafe is located at the midpoint of Main Street.  It’s a charming little cafe with outdoor seating and it’s easy to walk past.  It’s ESSENTIAL to make reservations.  Seriously, make them.  If you don’t you may wait from 1-2 hours during the lunch or dinner rush.  No matter what the season, the portions at Carnation Cafe are fairly large so be prepared and come with a large appetite.   

Best Fall Dishes at Carnation Cafe –Walt’s Chili

Chili on a cold day.  Perfect! Chili on a warm day?  Tolerable but this chili is THAT good!  This chili is thick and loaded with flavor.  Chunky with a touch of spice it’s one of my favorite dishes in the fall at Carnation Cafe.  It comes with cheese, sour cream, and a sourdough roll.

Best Fall Dishes at Carnation Cafe-A Malted Shake

Sweet with the right amount of whipped cream, their malts are legendary.  The kids love the vanilla but P and I will usually split a Cherry or Chocolate malt.  So delicious when paired with a warm burger or those hot fried pickles.

Best Fall Dishes at Carnation Cafe-Meatloaf & Sourdough Bacon Cheese melt

Both aren’t my typical choices at other places but the Carnation Cafe does them quite well. The meatloaf is tasty with the right amount of spices and it’s not greasy!  The melt is loaded with cheese and paired with crispy french fries.   

Best Fall Dishes at Carnation Cafe-Fried Pickles

best fall dishes carnation cafe
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Not the healthiest option but it’s Disneyland so break down and indulge!  After all, chances are that you just wanted 10 miles throughout the resort before sitting down for your meal!  They come out piping hot which is good on those chilly Anaheim nights.

Baked Potato Soup

best fall dishes carnation cafe

When I’m not in the mood for chili, baked potato soup is my go-to meal here.  It’s not watery due to the chunky bit of potato and bacon.  I initially worried that it would be salty but the drizzled sour cream

Did I miss anything delicious in the fall?  Sound off in the comments!

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  1. I recently had the meatloaf and it was sooo good. I can’t wait to go there and have it again.

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