DIY Toddler Bank Robber Costume!

After being invited to a last minute Halloween event I realized we didn’t have costumes! I needed a homemade costume that incorporated a piece of June and January and since I was last minute I needed something easy and simple!  A quick search on Pinterest to browse some DIY ideas was successful and I settled on a DIY bank robber costume that thought I could totally do for Kiki!

DIY Toddler Bank Robber Costume

DIY Toddler Bank Robber Costume

There are also Adult robber costumes to match!

Materials Needed

A DIY Toddler bank robber costume is pretty easy to put together.  I started off with a striped ballet top from June and January.  For black pants I used our favorite pair from June and January, but any black leggings or jeans would also work.  Next up I needed a cash money bag and found this one that had prime shipping on Amazon.  For the mask I couldn’t quite find anything online that would get here in time so I ran to target and found a three pack of masks.  One mask had a black backing so I turned it inside out.  Black Mary Janes and a black knit pom beanie rounded out the costume but black chucks or a plain knit cap would also work great. 

I’m so happy with how the outfit turned out.  Kiki had a ton of fun running around and telling people she was going to “steal their monies.” Of course she laughed and ran off after she said it, but still it was super cute!

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DIY Toddler Bank Robber Costume

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