Good Neighbor Hotels Near Disneyland: Everything You Should Know

Park tickets are not the largest expense at the Disneyland resort. When you budget your Disney vacation, you’ll find that the majority of the cost lands in your nightly room rate. Disney has three hotels on the property and even the budget option is extraordinarily expensive.

Luckily Disneyland is surrounded by hotels that are all competing against each other to get your attention. Now, Disney does offer a high level of quality that a non-Disney hotel may not supply. So choosing a really good, affordable hotel option that doesn’t diminish the Disney experience is hard. That’s where Good Neighbor Hotels come in. They make planning and budgeting a Disneyland vacation easier than you’ve ever dreamed.

What is a Good Neighbor Hotel

Good Neighbor Hotels are affordable non-Disney options for lodging near Disneyland. They work in partnership with Disney, offering ticket selling services, etc. Disney even features them on the official Disneyland website. There are 50 Good Neighbor hotels in all and they bear the Disney seal of approval.

Disneyland Resort Hotels

Let’s put it out there-Disneyland hotels are pricey. Two of them are fairly luxurious and offer plenty of perks to justify the high rates, but Paradise Pier is mediocre and lacks the high level of convenience and immersion the Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian offer. If the higher-end Disney hotels are out of your price range, I recommend the high level of savings in booking a Good Neighbor Hotel instead of Paradise Pier.

Disney-owned hotels feature more theming than non-Disney hotels. The Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian offer Downtown Disney access and The Grand Californian even has a gate that goes directly into Disney’s California Adventure theme park. They also offer premium spa services, poolside cabanas, and other luxuries that enhance your Disney vacation. Each Disney hotel also offers a version of character dining, but you don’t have to be a hotel guest to eat there. We did a fun tour of our room in the Disneyland Hotel, check it out for an idea of what the rooms at the hotel look like!

Where to Look for a Good Neighbor Hotel near Disneyland

You can’t go wrong with the quality of a Disneyland-approved Good Neighbor Hotel. However, you can make the mistake of booking a hotel that is far less convenient. Most Good Neighbor Hotels include complimentary shuttle service to the resort, but the best places to book are in a very specific location near Disneyland’s east entrance.

Look for hotels located along Katella Avenue and Harbor Blvd. Pay special attention to the ones closest to that intersection. The most convenient hotels are north of Katella on Harbor Blvd. Stay here and you won’t need a car or a shuttle to get to Disneyland parks or Downtown Disney.

good neighbor hotels near disneyland Homewood Suites

Our very favorite Good Neighbor Hotels near Disneyland is the Homewood Suites by Anaheim Resort Convention Center! It offers a morning breakfast and the rooms and so spacious, we never feel like we don’t have enough room!

good neighbor hotels near disneyland

When Should You Book a Good Neighbor Hotel for Disneyland

If you are budgeting your Disneyland vacation at all, you can free up a lot of your expenses by booking a Good Neighbor hotel. It will give you more spending money for dining and souvenirs while you are in the parks. You could even afford to spend an extra day of vacation or upgrade your flight with the money you save. If staying inside the Disney bubble regardless of price is important to you, then a Good Neighbor Hotel is not a good option.


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