Free Activities at Downtown Disney District

We all know that heading to Disneyland Resort can be expensive.  Adjacent to Disneyland park is Downtown Disney District, a fun and free entertainment district near the Disney-themed hotels.  It is an area that has lots of restaurants, a bowling alley, dessert shops, and many fun Disney touches.  If you are heading to the area, here are some fun free activities at Downtown Disney District. 

Free Photo Ops

Take photos in the teacups in the lobby of the building at the Disneyland Hotel.  There are also lots of photo ops in front of the large Lego statues and plenty of hidden mickeys in the flower beds throughout the area.

Listen to Music

If you continue walking past Downtown Disney, you can listen to Hawaiian music on the Trader Sam’s terrace.  The musicians are so friendly and talented.  There is also seating out by the fireplace if you don’t want to eat or order drinks on the terrace.  Street musicians and jugglers often perform during the evening, we like to buy a bag of beignets and watch them before heading back to our hotel.

View the fireworks!

You can view the fireworks clearly in the space between the front entrance of both parks or in several other spots throughout Downtown Disney.  They usually start at 9:30 pm sharp!

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Sample treats from Marceleines

I can’t figure out if there is any rhyme or reason but sometimes Marceline’s offers chocolate or candy samples.  Sometimes they don’t so it’s hit or miss.  Viewing the candy-making process from the front window is a fun free activity also!

Bonus-Not free but cheap options!

Find the penny machines at the World of Disney and for .51 get a fun and cheap pressed penny machine.  Buy a bag of beignets for $6 at the Jazz Kitchen and enjoy while watching the fireworks.

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