Iconic Restaurants in San Jose To Try!

San Jose is quite an eclectic city and the food is eclectic to match! Read on for the most iconic restaurants in San Jose to dine at.

restaurants in San Jose

La Villa

Tucked away in the historic Willow Glen neighborhood, Bertucelli’s La Villa Gourmet is a San Jose staple. This small deli is where you can find Italian imported foods plus hot sandwiches and their famous fresh ravioli. Parking is limited and seating is non-existent so plan on getting your order to go.

Favorites: Ravoli and antipasto

Address: 1319 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

Original Joe’s

Located Downtown, Original Joe’s may be the most iconic restaurant in San Jose!

During Christmas time, the restaurant’s proximity to Christmas in the Park allows you to walk around and enjoy the park while you wait. Original Joe’s does not take reservations so you have to put your name down when you arrive.

Favorites: Veal Piccata and lasagna

Address: 301 S First St, San Jose, CA 95113

King Eggroll

King Eggroll is a San Jose staple however if you want the original location, stick to the one off Lundy Ave. King Eggroll is knowl for their egg rolls and quick Chinese food. Customers return year after year for the fried xiu mai, pork egg roll, veggie egg roll (they also have chicken egg rolls), and sesame balls.

Favorites: Egg rolls and fried chicken

Address: 980 Lundy Ave San Jose, CA 95133

iconic San Jose restaurants photo of King Eggroll freshly fried pork egg  roll

Falafel’s Drive in

This affordable fast-food mainstay of San Jose is perfect for people who love falafels and other Middle Eastern fare. The falafel sandwiches are deliciously flavored with a mix of tahini and red sauce (which varies from mild to reasonably spicy), a smattering of lettuce and tomato, and a healthy dose of large falafels. Don’t forget to try the banana shakes which are less sweet than a typical ice cream shake.

Parking lots in front and back (back one is larger).  Seating is covered and open-air and lunch time has the biggest crowds.

Favorites: Falafel sammie and banana shake

Address: 2301 Stevens Creek Blvd San Jose, CA 95128

Dia De Pesca

If you are a fan of fish tacos, this is the place!  The fish and produce is fresh, you can eat outside amid a courtyard full of greenery. Dia de Pesca do specialize in more seafood than anything else, but they have other meat/veggie options as well.

Favorites: Halibut tacos

Address: 55 N Bascom Ave San Jose, CA 95128

Back a yard

Back a yard is one of the best and iconic Caribbean restaurants in San Jose. The cozy restaurant feels very inviting and the food here is really delicious. The portions of jerk chicken are large and combo plates will have meat, rice and beans, plus plantains. Flavorful food and friendly service make this an iconic restaurant in San Jose!

Favorites: Cherk chicken and beef oxtail

Address: 80 N Market St San Jose, CA 95113

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