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Teen Activities at Disney’s Aulani Resort (The BEST Options!)

While planning a Hawaiian vacation with teenagers might sound daunting, Disney Aulani Resort may be the solution you are looking for. The resort offers entertainment, fast water slides, exclusive teen spa hangouts and some amazing food! Your teens will find activities tailored to their taste even down to those that just want to nap on the beach all day. Beyond the resort, snorkeling excursions, surfing lessons, and great entertainment experiences await. Remember, involve them in planning, offer flexibility, and establish healthy tech boundaries for a peaceful and unforgettable family vacation experience. Here are the best activities at Disney’s Aulani Resort for teens!

6 activities for teens at Aulani

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Mani/Pedi at the Spa

Most teens like to be pampered and a visit to the Laniwai spa for a relaxing spa treatment is perfect.  Disney Aulani offers several different packages and they also have treatments available for teens 14-17 which could be a special occasion treat!

Lazy River and Fast Water Slides!

Floating down the Waikolohe Stream lazy river is one of the most relaxing things at Aulani, even for teens.  There are also several fast slides including the Volcanic Vertical that kids of all ages enjoy at the Main Pool!  There are several hot tubs at Disney Aulani Resort that teens may enjoy just be sure to mention to them that some are adult-only. Don’t forget to get your teen a wristband and towels from the towel station. 

Hang at the Beach

Boogie boarding, paddle boarding, snorkeling or just lounging on the beach are just some of the fun activities for teens at Aulani. Head to the beach shack to rent boards and grab your complimentary boogie boards or sand toys!  Disney Aulani’s private lagoon doesn’t have rough waves, so if your teen is new to paddleboarding or snorkeling, this lagoon is a great place to learn or sharpen their skills.

One of the best things about the beach is that there are other games like a huge connect four and a few cornhole sets available to Aulani guests.

Special Activities (Hula Lessons, Ukelele Lessons, and More)

Make sure to check the Daily ‘Iwa which is the the daily schedule available on the Disney Aulani app or at the front desk. Special activities like hula, make-your-own Mickey ears, and ukulele lessons are available and can be found in the Pau Hana community room.  Some events change on a rotating basis, for example, while we were at the resort there were photo scavenger hunts and lei-making activities.  On a recent trip, we spotted a group of teens heading out to a surfing near Ko Olina Beach!  Some of these separate teen events cost money so make sure to call ahead of time so your teen can participate. The Pau Hana room also has Disney movies to rent for a rainy day!

The interactive Menehune Adventure Trail is a high-tech scavenger hunt that takes you and your teen on a journey through the resort, following clues and solving riddles to discover hidden surprises. You’ll learn about the mischievous Menehune, legendary Hawaiian “little people” known for their magical construction skills. As you progress, you’ll encounter Menehune statues, unlock hidden features through augmented reality, and receive enchanted rewards for completing the trail. The best part? It’s completely complimentary for resort guests!

Rainbow Reef at Aulani is a perfect place for teen snorkeling enthusiasts and is located near the Waikolohe Valley pool area.  It’s a 3,800-square-foot saltwater lagoon teeming with colorful fish like butterflyfish, angelfish, and surgeonfish. Snorkel equipment is even included in the fee! It’s a calm and protected environment, perfect for beginners and families with teens and Disney Aulani Resort offers complimentary life jackets

Want to go beyond snorkeling? Try the “Underwater Explorers” program, where certified instructors teach older kids (10+) the basics of scuba diving in a safe setting. Teens can practice their newfound skills alongside vibrant fish in the reef for an unforgettable experience.

Does your teen prefer to stay dry? No problem! Witness the underwater Rainbow Reef wonders through large viewing windows located around the lagoon. Watch mesmerized as the diverse marine life swims by, offering a glimpse into the vibrant ecosystem without getting wet. 

  • One-Day Access for Snorkeling: $25 per adult (ages 10 and up); $20 per child (ages 9 and under)
  • Length-of-Stay Access for Snorkeling: $45 per adult (ages 10 and up); $35 per child (ages 9 and under)
  • The Underwater Explorers experience is $189.00 per person (ages 10 and up), not including tax. 

Beyond swimming and exploration, Rainbow Reef features interactive elements like hidden Mickey statues and fish-feeding demonstrations. Plus, relax in the nearby lounge chairs, grab a refreshing drink, and soak up the Hawaiian sunshine. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or a curious observer, Rainbow Reef promises an immersive and exciting adventure for all ages!

Try a New Food!

A good way to pass the time in Hawaii is to immerse oneself in their food and culture! Head to the Aulani food areas like the Ulu Cafe to check out their food options.  Grab some shave ice or a spam musubi or try some authentic Hawaiian cuisine. Even teens will find the Disney character breakfast at Makahiki to be fun!  For teens that like juices or coffee, Disney Aulani has a reusable mug for purchase and we recommend getting them their personable refillable popcorn bucket!

Take a Yoga class

Disney Aulani has a few different yoga classes available that I think teens will like.  Aulani guests can choose yoga by the beach or paddle board yoga (yes, yoga on top of a paddle board) plus there are other exercise activities available.

Attend the Aulani Resort Luau

Aulani’s Ka Wa’a Luau rewrites the script, offering an engaging and interactive experience designed to captivate even the most discerning teenagers. Ditch the static performances and bland buffets – here’s what makes it unique:

  • A Captivating Story: Forget passive observation. Ka Wa’a puts together a narrative through music, dance, and humor, following a young boy’s journey to discover his Hawaiian heritage. Audience participation and vibrant performances keep teens engaged throughout the evening.
  • Beyond the Show: Immerse yourselves in Hawaiian culture before the main event. Teens can learn ukulele, make leis, and soak up the festive atmosphere, fostering social interaction and cultural connection. Delicious, modern Hawaiian cuisine completes the experience, satisfying even picky eaters.

Is it Right for Your Teen?

Open communication is key. If your teen enjoys live entertainment, appreciates cultural experiences, and thrives in social settings with the potential to make new friends, Ka Wa’a Luau could be a good option. However, if they prefer quiet activities or dislike crowds, exploring other options might be better. Discuss their expectations and gauge their interest to ensure a truly enjoyable experience for the whole family.

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This Disney property offers a photo pass and you can also reserve sunset photos on the beach! Teens can get their pictures taken on the beach or around the resort in some Instagrammable spots.

For teens who love Disney characters, you can encourage them to do a meet and greet with their favorite Disney characters.  We have a whole article dedicated to which characters you can see at this Disney resort


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