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10 Tasty Things to Eat at Disney’s Aulani

Disney’s Aulani is a beautiful and fun resort but there are also some amazing snacks and desserts to try.  Because there are limited dining options on the resort, we spent a lot of time carefully selecting meals and snacks to enjoy by the pool.  I have to say that the Ulu Cafe had the majority of our choices and each day there were different choices to purchase!  Today I’m talking about the tasty things to eat at Disney’s Aulani and have chosen a mix of snacks, desserts, and entrees!

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1. Pineapple Dole Whip

Located at the Little Opihi’s Beachside Kiosk, the Dole Whip is a classic Disney snack that’s now available in Hawaii.  It’s sweet and refreshing, especially on those super hot muggy days at the resort.


Spam Musubi, the Hawai’ian dish you’ve been missing out on literally your whole life. Is there anything more satisfying than feasting on what you love? Spam musubi is the perfect balance of salty goodness and a good protein-based snack in the afternoon. Found at the Ulu Cafe, spam musubi is usually stocked around 11 am sells out quickly!

3. Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

mickey ice cream sandwich disney aulani

Found at the Beachside Kiosk and Kalepa’s Store, this is fast and tasty ice cream snack.  The chocolate cookie is soft and has a deep chocolate flavor.  We had way too many of these while at the resort!

4. Mickey Brownie

mickey brownie disney aulani

Found at Disney Aulani’s Ulu Cafe, the Mickey Brownie is a dense cake-like brownie with a candy Mickey Face on top.  It’s on the smaller side but paired really well with Joffrey’s Coffee at Ulu Cafe!

5. Ama Ama Kobe Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

ama ama kobe burger disney aulani

We wanted something different from the usual fried options for a poolside lunch so we ordered a to-go meal from Ama Ama.  The Kobe burger on brioche was perfection!  The meat is seasoned perfectly and incredibly juicy.  The brioche bun was thick enough to not get into a soggy mess, but that’s also probably because we inhaled this burger.  The fries are the perfect salty complement!

NOTE AMA AMA just reopened and they no longer serve a lunch menu.

6. The Various Cocktails

If you like to partake in alcoholic beverages, Disney Aulani does not disappoint. From Pina Coladas to mai tais and more, the Disney Aulani bars will make it for you! We tried the back scratcher which is a tropical-flavored rum drink and it comes with an actual back scratcher!

Other favorites are the strawberry and lilikoi mojitos!

7. Mini Malasadas

Found at the Ulu Cafe pastry section, these sell out in the morning pretty quickly!  Malasadas are Portuguese donut coated in sugar.  Another great pairing with the Ulu Kona coffee for a morning treat!

8. Mini Corn Dogs

Mama’s Snack Stop offers a few options for lunch and my kids really enjoy their corn dogs. They are bite size and reasonably priced, and bonus- it’s right next to the shave ice shack!

9. Shave Ice

Adjacent to Mama’s Snack Stop is the shave ice stand.  While it’s not as good as other options on the island, my kids always have to have a shave ice at least once at the report.  We always ask for extra syrup!

10. Red Velvet Cupcake

10 tasty things to eat at Disney's Aulani

Another Ulu Cafe option, this cake is sweet and very moist.  It’s a nice balance of red velvet cake with a surprisingly delicate vanilla frosting.  Because it’s in the refrigerated section, I let the cupcake thaw out a bit and it was perfect!

I hope you enjoyed reading my take on the 10 tasty things to eat at Disney’s Aulani resort.  If you have a favorite snack or dessert not listed let me know in the comments!

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If you’re planning a vacation, make sure to use Get Away Today– they offer the best prices and services. Make sure you let them know This Bliss Life sent you!

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