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Favorite Things About Aulani

I always get a wave of excitement that washes over me when the plane turns towards Oahu and when we fly over Disney’s Aulani resort. So far, it’s been one of our favorite places to travel with our children. There is something about the mix of pixie dust and the Aloha spirit that keeps us coming back. Here are my top 5 favorite things about Aulani!

1.  Friendly staff

Disney prides itself on their friendly staff and the castmembers at Disney’s Aulani are no different.  Everyone we met was friendly and helpful! We got local recommendations from several people who worked at the Ulu Cafe and of course the front desk staff was great.  

2.  Pools

In addition to being clean and tidy, the pool facilities including the lazy river are one of my favorite things about Aulani.  The slides are really fun but our favorite part was just floating along the river again and again.  For those traveling without children there is an adult only pool with separate bar area.  

3.  Aloha Respect and Spirit

There are so many aspects to Aulani that are respectful to Hawaiian culture.  In fact, Aulani celebrates the local culture, from the art behind the front desk to the music that is always playing.  It feels like every time I’m there I learn something new about Hawaiian culture and I feel like the resort captures the friendly Aloha vibe and the resiliency of the Hawaiian people.

4.  Location

Aulani is towards the West side of the island and often people think that that is a negative, but actually I think it’s a positive.  Far away from the hustle of downtown Honolulu, Aulani feels like a relaxing vacation experience that isn’t loaded with tons of tourists.  While Aulani is further away from where the majority of people visit, it still has food options that are close by the resort.  

5.  Luau

The price can be steep but the luau is a definite splurge that is worth the cost.  The luau offers dinner, drinks, children’s activities and offers a cool look at Hawaiian heritage.  Adults have an all you can drink access to the bar which serves mixed drinks, beer and wine.  the kids menu is decent with lots of traditional options and the food on the adult menu (like the poke) is excellent! the show itself is a narrated story about Hawaii, broken down into its culture and stories.  It’s very family orientated and the cast members were excellent!

There you have what I think are the top 5 favorite things about Aulani. DO you have any to add? Add them in the comments!

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