Why Hawaii Needs to Make Your Travel List in 2024

If you’re on the fence about ever making Hawaii a destination on your vacation radar, what would it take to make it a reality? Hawaii is one of the most heavenly places on earth, where all your worries won’t follow you, and you can escape the daily pressures from back home. If money is not an issue, are there other reasons why you haven’t made the trip yet?

I’m here to try and help motivate you to see what all you’ve been missing out on all this time. I’ll tell you a little about each island, and what you can expect, and I’m sure that you will be you scrambling to pencil in your Hawaiian vacation by the time you’re done. Here are some of the top reasons why Hawaii needs to be on your travel list in 2024. 

Amazing Weather

What’s not to love about a destination that has a tropical climate? The islands of Hawaii have some of the most amazing weather all year round. The lowest temperature ever gets is right around a pleasant 70 degrees. That means it’s never too hot or too cold in Hawaii.

Beautiful Scenery

Hawaii is without much doubt, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Each island is unique and has different natural beauties and scenery for you to explore, whether you prefer the serenity of a waterfall or the power of an active volcano. While visiting Hawaii, you’ll catch some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, with the ocean waves crashing peacefully into its beaches.

Every Island is a Different Experience

You may think that if you’ve visited the island of Hawaii you’ve seen them all, but you’d be wrong. Each island has not only unique natural features to witness, but also different cities, historical places, and atmosphere. Make sure you do your homework on which island is more suitable for your party, whether you’re on a romantic getaway, or traveling with your children.

For instance, Kauai is a laid-back type of island where businesses close early and the pace of life is pretty slow. Oahu is a bustling island, the traffic getting in and out of Honolulu can be bad during the commute hours. The Big Island is for adventurers, for instance, my family LOVED the unique Flumin Kohala tour.

Pristine Beaches

Hawaii is also known for its amazing and pristine beaches. No matter what island you end up on, there’s sure to be a beach that you’ll fall in love with. Here are a few we think you’d enjoy. On the Big Island, you have the black sands of Punalu’u Beach. In North Shore of Oahu, there’s Waimea Bay, which is one of the best beaches in Hawaii. You also have the white sandy beaches of Kannapali, in Maui.

And lastly, on the island of Kauai is Poipu Beach. If you are feeling like an adventure, Polihale Beach is at the end of a bumpy trail but it’s so worth making the 1.5-hour drive!

Romantic Destination

Are you planning on getting engaged or married in the coming year? Or maybe you’re looking to take your spouse on the anniversary trip of a lifetime. Whatever the occasion may be, Hawaii is your romantic destination getaway unforgettable. Choose from a number of Hawaii romantic resorts that will treat the two of you very special. 

Fun for the Whole Family

Hawaii is known as a romantic destination, I’d be wrong to say that they don’t accommodate the whole family as well. Hawaii has so many fun activities and events that even your children will love. Disney’s Aulani resort is a great place we love to take the kids because there are lots of fun activities with a bit of Disney magic sprinkled in!

aulani beach

If you’re worried that your children may ruin a couple’s honeymoon, you can rest assured there will be hundreds of other kids running around as well. 

Entertaining Nightlife

Hawaii is not only fun and exciting during the day, but after the sun goes down, the nightlife is just getting warmed up. There are several cities and tourist areas on the islands that have bars, dance parties, DJs, and your favorite cocktails.

Awesome Wildlife

Each of Hawaii’s islands is home to awesome species of wildlife that you just don’t see back at home in the mainland. That and your kids will get a kick out of them. You’ll see wallabies, Chital, mongoose, sea turtles, whales, and dolphins.

Volcano Watching on Big Island

If you’re hoping to witness an active volcano, we recommend you head to the Big Island, the island that has the most active volcanoes in Hawaii. Seeing the volcano up close is one of the most awe-inspiring things to ever witness. Just this one thing alone should ensure that Hawaii needs to be on your travel list in 2024!

Get insider tips for visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, visiting Kona coffee plantations, and so much more!

A State With More Cultures Than Any Other

The state of Hawaii is more diverse than any other state in the mainland. There’s a healthy mixture of cultures that come together to diversify and shape Hawaii. Because of this, you can learn so much from the different people that you normally wouldn’t get the chance to.

Amazing Food

Because of the many cultures that make up Hawaii, there’s a large amount of delicious food for you to try. On Maui we love the pies from Leoda’s! On Oahu the pie from Ted’s are really good plus we love all the acai options from places like Crispy Grindz. Kauai has this amazing place called Hanalei Taro & Juice Company plate lunch truck that serves amazing food!

hawaii travel list 2020

Epic Hiking Trails

If you’re an outdoorsman that couldn’t care less about relaxing on one of Hawaii’s beaches, hold your horses. Do you enjoy hiking to amazing waterfalls, or climbing to staggering heights to see a panorama of the whole island? Each of Hawaii’s islands has amazing hiking trails for you to trek.

Some of the Best Snorkeling Spots in the World

If you enjoy snorkeling among tropical fish and coral reefs, Hawaii has several locations that are considered some of the best snorkeling locations in the world. Think of the bragging rights that you could have over your friends.

Get the Relaxation You Deserve

Probably the most obvious answer as to why you should visit the island of Hawaii is that it will provide you with relaxation and escape from the 9-5 world. They even have amazing spa areas where you can receive a massage and body nourishment.

These are some of the top reasons why you need to make Hawaii the destination for your travel list in 2024. If you’ve never been to Hawaii, are you seriously considering making it a trip in the near future? If you’ve visited Hawaii before, what island did you stay on, and what did you and your family enjoy most about the trip? 

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