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8 Things to Pack for Disney’s Aulani

Packing for Disney’s Aulani is pretty easy!  You will want items that will help make your stay comfortable and save you from spending money on those expensive items at the resort.  Disney’s Aulani is a beautiful resort but it also gets very hot so you want items that do well in the heat and are small enough to pack in a carry-on bag.  Here are 8 Things to Pack for Disney’s Aulani Resort!

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Things to Pack for Disney Aulani Resort

Waterproof Tote Bag

A large waterproof tote is essential to bring down to the beach or pool. 

External battery Power Bank

We always keep an external battery pack in our backpacks or beach bags to charge our phones.  We use our phones as cameras on vacation and I didn’t see any charging stations at the resort.  This one and this one are two inexpensive options that we travel with.

Travel Sunscreen

We packed several bottles of travel sunscreen in our carry-ons.  Sunscreen is expensive in Hawaii and even more so on the resort, so make sure to bring enough.  The sun is strong and no one wants to spend their vacation miserable and burnt! 

In 2021, Hawaii enacted new sunscreen laws so make sure you bring or buy reef-safe sunscreen!

Non-perishable Snacks

One of our favorite snacks to pack are these That’s It fruit bars.  We also make sure to pack nuts and applesauce packages for easy-to-grab snacks.  A lot of the food at Aulani isn’t healthy so it’s nice to be able to have something low-calorie to munch on.  

Several swimsuits

2-3 swimsuits so you always have a dry one!  We alternate these Speedo swimsuits for the kids.  We also try to bring a themed swimsuit and coverup to keep in with the Disney theme. 

Towel Clips

When we lounge poolside we do so on towels and it’s so annoying when the wind picks up and the towels slip down.  Towel clips help keep the towel secured to the chairs and I don’t think Aulani has any to borrow so I bring my own. 

Water Bottle

The resort has ice water stations set up in several different places.  We were able to fill up our water bottles and enjoy cool water all day.  Hydro flasks are lightweight enough to pack but also keeps water cold throughout the day. 

Waterproof shoes

Reefs are a favorite of ours to wear throughout the resort.  The concrete around the pools gets HOT when the sun is out.  I also noticed lots of water near the bathroom entrances and for obvious reasons wanted my feet protected.  

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What to Pack for Aulani resort

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