Star Wars Trading Post at the Disneyland Resort in Downtown Disney

There is a magically immersive place at the Disneyland resort. One perfect for Star Wars fans. No, it’s not Batuu, the Disneyland park expansion known as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. And I’m not talking about Tomorrowland either, although they still have a significant Star Wars overlay to their quasi-futuristic theme. No, to get to this Star Wars-themed paradise you don’t even need to be in the park. It’s the elaborately designed Star Wars Trading Post at Disneyland that took over the immersive RainForest Cafe (anyone remember that throwback?) The latter was gutted as Disney planned to build a new DVC resort in its place. But the city of Anaheim pulled a fast one on zoning. They left Disney with an empty building themed to an ancient jungle civilization.

That lent itself nicely to one of Disney’s best treatments of the Star Wars franchise since purchasing the rights to Lucasfilm. No admission is required to shop in the Star Wars Trading Post at Disneyland. However, you can get there from Tomorrowland’s monorail station. In fact, that’s just what I recommend you do.

Star Wars trading post

Accessing the Star Wars Trading Post from the Downtown Disney Monorail Station

One of my favorite rides at Disneyland is the monorail. Sure it lacks narrative plot twists and exciting dips, or spins. But it’s a working model of transportation as Walt Disney envisioned it in the cities of tomorrow. The monorail is more than just a ride. It’s a piece of the future and a piece of history as well. It’s also my favorite way to get out to Downtown Disney when I need a midday break, or to exit the park when I don’t want to fall in with the droves of tired, cranky, guests filing down Main Street.

The Monorail does a round trip if you only want to experience it as a ride, but otherwise, you should definitely hop off at the Downtown Disney station for lunch, or a happy-hour cocktail at Catal. The Star Wars Trading Post at Disneyland is located right next to the station, so it’s an easy trip and it’s easy to get back into the park via monorail when you’re done.

What You Will Find in Star Wars Trading Post at Disneyland

The store is inspired by the look and feel of a hidden jungle resistance base. It’s really fun to mill around and spend some time there if you are a fan of Star Wars and want to explore more Star Wars-like worlds during your Disneyland visit.

What you’ll find in this store is a lot of Galaxy’s Edge stuff, but also merchandise from the Disney series The Mandalorian. This is a one-stop shop for Star Wars collectibles, plush toys, art, droids, and clothes. And when I say clothes I mean robes, and helmets…think of all the Star Wars items that fans would like including lightsaber hilts. But there are regular t-shirts, pins, and other accessories as well.

Star Wars trading post
Photo by Angel W. (Yelp)

Overall this is an excellent souvenir store. It’s not a newly imagined space with hyper-detailed interior design, but it’s a really smart use of the space that highlights the value of its original aesthetic by placing it in a new context where it can continue to immerse guests. It’s a smart way to highlight one of Disney’s largest franchises and it’s a nice out-of-park option for those who want to shop Star Wars merchandise but don’t necessarily want to pay admission to do it.

Star Wars Trading Post is easily accessible from the parking lot as well and it’s within a short walking distance from the Disneyland Hotel. You can also get to it from the Downtown Disney entrance to the Grand Californian Resort and Spa, which is in the middle of Downtown Disney, between Sephora and the Disney Dress Shop.

Don’t have time to make a trip to the store? Disney’s online store has lots of similar .

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